AISEP – Australasian Information Security Evaluation Program

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The Australasian Information Security Evaluation Program (AISEP) tests ICT security products for possible inclusion on the Evaluated Products List (EPL). Australian Signals Directorate’s certification office, the Australasian Certification Authority, oversees AISEP product testing by licensed commercial evaluation facilities.

  • ICT security professionals should use the EPL and Information Security Manual principles when developing systems for Australian and New Zealand government agencies.
  • Developers and distributors are encouraged to submit ICT security products for evaluation and possible future sales to Australian and New Zealand government agencies.
  • The Australian Information Security Evaluation Program was established in June 1994. Australia and New Zealand merged their evaluation programs in 1998 to create the Australasian Information Security Evaluation Program.

Reports help the ACSC to develop a better understanding of the threat environment and will assist other organisations who are also at risk.

Cyber security incident reports are also used in aggregate for developing new defensive policies, procedures, techniques and training measures to help prevent future incidents.

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